During 2013, a large number of conferences took place regarding the gambling industry and its further development. From November 6 to November 7 in London, the next annual Social Gambling Conference will be held. Before, the conference lasted only one day, now, it will take two days. The conference will address the question of why the interest of online gambling operators towards social networks, namely, their gaming content, is growing.
There is no doubt that the online gambling industry is seriously interested in introducing more and more products for gamblers into the social games industry. This step in the future may allow players to find a lot of new and gambling at the same time. Social studies are already being conducted, which in the future may serve the service of online casino operators, so that they have an accurate idea of ​​the type of final product that would be most interesting for potential players.
It is curious, what can the sphere of social games offer to the rapidly developing online entertainment market ?! Evan Hoff from Velo Partners will help us evaluate all the possibilities, so to speak, from a bird’s eye view. Evan’s extensive experience and thorough knowledge of all the intricacies of this industry will allow us to grasp the essence of the matter.
According to Evan, gamers can be divided into two groups: those who play social games and do not play for money, as well as those who do not play social games, but persistently make bets in online casinos. There is a very big difference between these two groups of people. In his opinion, there is hardly any one of a group of people who easily decide to change their type of entertainment to a new one. According to Evan, in the United States, due to the temporary difficulties in accessing online casinos, due to their complicated and slow legalization process, social games are in high demand among female 35+ individuals due to their deception in online casinos.
Indeed, the difference between gamers from the USA and the UK is quite large, in view of the different situations that have developed in the online gambling entertainment market. This may explain why many gambling operators are rapidly acquiring companies producing social games. This way out, the only win-win situation under the circumstances.
There are two more reasons, besides those mentioned above, than the base of social games, so attractive to operators of gambling:
– Unlimited space for hosting gaming products, in the form of social networks, where the unthinkable number of potential players is localized;
– Ability to easily implement content for online gambling on the platform of any social network, as well as the color and accessibility of their interface.