The Pennsylvania’s Tribune Live newspaper last weekend reported that Pennsylvania, West Virginia and nine other US states would be able to legalize online casinos on their territory in the next two years. The author of the article made such a statement, based on an interview with a well-known consultant and analyst in the online casino Fred Gushin (Fred Gushin), who is the director and founder of the Spectrum Gaming Group.
Last week, during a webinar, Fred Gushin said:
“The competition in the online casino market is growing rapidly. In the fight against the strong, experienced and strong join the young and green. At the initial stage of development of legal online casinos, their chances are approximately equal. So I think that Pennsylvania and the other 10 states will join the association of legal online casinos. Attempt is not torture! ”
It is not clear why, but Fred Gushin is sure that if Pennsylvania, like Mississippi, becomes the next states, where online gambling becomes legal, then not much time will pass, like all the remaining states, will take on the same thing.
Fred Gushin predicted that some states would sign contracts that would allow them to more quickly integrate into the online sphere and overcome the geographical boundaries of the states, but the price for this would be customer separation. The first states to enter into future alliances will be Nevada and Delaware, due to the relatively small population, which in the future may affect the range of games offered, stopping the growth in the number of customers, etc.
Of course, the first state that Nevada will decide to join or Delaware will be Pennsylvania. High population density will become a very attractive feature. This kind of symbiosis will play into the hands of those already developing in terms of online casinos of the states and those that are just starting their growth in this industry.
Of course, Fred Gushin wished to mention the most basic criteria that future “legal” states should strive for.